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Great growth strategies are too often wasted on poor execution, based on the rush to “go-to-market”. The results are risky approaches, loss of share, and unprofitable growth. Strategic growth is all about low-risk execution, based on a detailed understanding of buyer needs.

KGA Advisory, LLC helps financial technology providers (incumbent & emerging) realize their growth strategies. Our clients’ mission-critical solutions are purchased by banks, billers, lenders, merchants, and processors. Those solutions include wholesale payments, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, online banking and billpay, collections, biller billpay, card issuing, merchant processing, lending, credit reporting, and more. KGA has worked with numerous fintechs, including Finastra, NICE Actimize, Mambu, Fiserv, ACI, and MasterCard Transactis.

KGA’s Growth Strategy Blueprinting™ is a proprietary method for growth execution that incorporates over 100 best practices to reduce our clients’ risk of strategy execution. This proven approach lets fintechs achieve their growth goals by delivering their compelling solution to the ideal buyer.

About Bill Kinnelly

CEO of KGA Advisory

With over 25 years of experience, Bill Kinnelly is CEO of KGA Advisory. Previously, he has held executive Product Management and Marketing roles at leading fintechs that serve banks, billers, lenders, merchants, and processors.

His firms’ offerings included mission-critical solutions that enable Compliance, Wholesale Payments, Bill Payment, Online Banking, Fraud, Customer Care, Merchant Processing, and Collections, to name a few.

Bill has been the fintech executive frustrated with failed growth strategies. Now, he works with the CEO/GM (depending on fintech size) who is responsible for growth strategy execution. Together, they ensure the realization of scalable, repeatable, profitable growth.


As US COO of Retail Decisions (now ACI), Bill designed the whole-product solution to detect cardholder fraud in real-time eCommerce transactions. That product is still ACI’s flagship for that purpose.

Bill was CMO at Incurrent Solutions, the leading vendor of credit card issuing solutions. Incurrent had saturated the top of its market. Bill created a SaaS product that established the “online collections” product category, and increased company revenue by 50% over 5 years. It led to the acquisition of Incurrent by Online Resources (ORCC), now ACI.

At Online Resources (ORCC), Bill was a founding executive of the biller-direct billpay business, responsible for Product Management & Marketing. The business grew from a few million dollars to $60mm and was the foundation of the ACI business that has now grown to $hundreds-of-millions.

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